Mmm. Oily.

Since coming down with this cold or whatever earlier in the week, all I’ve been doing craft wise has pretty much been in the kitchen, and that just involved soup or tea.

However, I did get that oil put together for the hubby.

Of course, he hasn’t used it yet. Well, whatever. It’s just coconut and lavender oil mixed together, so I might use it as a facial moisturizer or something. The stuff smells heavenly, and after I put it together, the skin on my hands felt wonderful.

Otherwise? I really need to get knitting this weekend. I can’t believe Christmas is the week after next. I really need to get cards and packages out!

I’ve gotten ahead of myself, though. Today, I stumbled across the below video.

So, I wandered off to her blog, and printed myself a calendar!

NEXT year is 2015. For some reason, I kept thinking it’ll be 2016.

I’m going to use it for daily yoga, since I’m getting out of shape again, but I thought it was the sort of thing my readers would be interested in.

If you didn’t feel like watching the video, here’s how you do it:

Step 1 – Find a thing you’d like to do every day. It could be knitting, making cards, putting jewelry together, eating breakfast, writing, etc.

Step 2 – Put thing you’d like to do in “Activity” section.

Step 3 – Do thing every day.

Step 4 – Cross day off on calender once thing has been done.

You’ll end up with a chain of marks that, if you break it, leaves a glaring gap. It’s a pretty neat idea for people who are visually oriented, like many crafty folks are.

Anyway, this weekend, or maybe this evening, will mark my knitting-fest. Wish me luck in getting everything done!

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