Monarchs Book Review

Disclosure: I received this e-book for free to review, but I was not paid for the review itself, nor will I receive a commission should you choose to buy it.

I was recently approached to do a review of the e-book, Monarchs, by Alex Chu.

The book follows a man from Belleville, Logan Weidman. He worked as a customer service employee at a furniture company, and was miserable. One day, he received an e-mail from a mysterious organization of wealthy, powerful people inviting him to join.

They promised him riches beyond his wildest dreams, if only he made a human sacrifice. After some soul searching, he went along with the plan and the story followed him from there.

I personally enjoy these kinds of books. Secret societies, shadow organizations and conspiracies have always interested me, and I was hoping for a fun story with this one.

As I read, though, I grew more disappointed with it. Put simply, it needed more time on the editing table.

There were wording issues, like repetition and improper usage, flat characters, unnecessary scenes and words that don’t exist in the English dictionary. I found myself just wanting to be done with it by the time I was about halfway through.

That said, there were a few scenes that were pretty well done. The life of a customer service rep, for example, was spot on, and a couple of the murders were described decently.

Overall, I didn’t care for the book. As mentioned before, it could be much better if edited properly. Scenes should be cut, wording changed, dialogue made more realistic and characters fleshed out.

If the publisher put out a new edition after combing through this one more thoroughly, it may be an enjoyable read. This one, while fast, didn’t hold my interest well at all.

Feel free to check out my video review for a little more info on the book and some specifics of what I didn’t care for.

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