Can you hear the yell in the title?

That’s how sound echoed in my head this morning, and still sort of how it’s registering. I woke up with one of the worst migraines I’ve had in years this morning.

I’m doing a lot better right now, but I’m irritated at how far behind it put me with today’s to-do list.

However, it also re-enforced my resolve to embrace a healthier lifestyle from here on out. I’ve already started with improving my diet, and my husband’s by extension, but there a few other big things I’m moving forward with:

  • Regular exercise – starting with 2 yoga sessions and 2 running outings a week, then gradually building up from there.
  • Downsizing on stuff – I’m not quite as bad as a lot of people, but still. There are a fair number things that could be given away, thrown away or recycled.
  • Make progress on my fears – I don’t believe in conquering anything that’s a part of my psyche, because there’s good reason for it to be there. Transforming it into something more beneficial makes sense to me. I’m tired of being held back by my own doubts.

This time of year has always been rather bittersweet for me. Growing up with a split family meant there was always someone or someplace to miss, and “what if”s to mull over.

Yearly cycles of change, like fall and spring, always put me in mind of those rough times. Old regrets come floating to the surface and make new challenges even harder to cope with.

Life may not be fair, but there’s no reason why those injustices should keep me from passing my days as I see fit.

That’s why I do my best to ride those winds of change instead of letting them sweep me away.

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