Monthly Shop Feature – Optimystical Studios

July’s shop feature is the spectacular Optimystical Studios. They have an extremely impressive range of jewelry styles. Their web page hosts examples of comic book and tv show inspired jewelry, along with geology inspired peices, steampunk, vintage, risque, equality and many others!

They had a booth at last weekend’s convention, and the young woman who had been taking care of it when I dropped by was a pleasure to speak with. They also actively give to various charities and support diversity through the pieces they offer.

Here are some of my personal favorites from their listings –

Stormageddon Dark Lord of All Pendant – He’s an adorable little Dark Lord, even to this Not Mommy. The pendant is confusing to non-Whovians and hilarious to those in the fandom, just the way we like it.

Bat Signal Cufflinks – If I ever get that vow renewal I want, I’d probably make the men of the party wear these.

Neurons & Dendrites Pendant – This piece looks great and has some real feeling to it. (Perhaps they’re now processing the sound of a snare drum echoing through the air.)

There are quite a few more pieces which embody fun, geekery and beauty. For more info on this great shop, check out their site!

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