New Listings at Storenvy! (About time.)

It took me long enough, but I finally sat down and got some stuff made. Two of the pieces I can’t show here just yet, as they’re gifts, but here’s the rest!

That specific earring isn’t for sale, since I’ll be wearing that pair to the convention in July, but I liked them so much that I made a second pair almost exactly like it. You can find those listed here.

Citrine is one of my favorite stones, as is cats eye. While I was on my earring making spree, I decided to put them together. You can find the listing and a couple more pictures of them here.

Zebra stone is another fun one to work with, and the lovely earthy colors go quite nicely with onyx. I also enjoy the spiral shape to those beads. Check out the listing here for a couple more pictures and more info.

I’m actually rather proud of this one. As you can see from the picture, it’s a belly chain, BUT it’s adjustable! That’s the smallest size, but bigger, beautiful ladies can adjust it to show off their beautiful curves, too. There are little labradorite and quartz charms along the chain, too. For more info, and the size range, here’s the listing.

Otherwise? Well, I’ve transferred one of the cilantro seedlings into the ground, and two of the others into pots to give away as gifts. I need to find one more small, pretty pot to give the last one away in, though.

The morning glories are quite happy, too. Not quite big enough to reach the trellis yet, but they’re getting there.

These guys seem to like their new homes.

This little guy, not so much. Today was hot and sticky, so that might have something to do with it. I’d give it some more water, but we’re expecting storms tonight.

So glad they’re doing so well!

So anyway, hoping to get some more goodies made and posted over in Snowshine Gifts, and I’ll keep everyone up to date on any online (or otherwise) craft fairs I’ll be taking part in.

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Next week, I’m hoping to get a tutorial of some sort up. Any requests?

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