Nifty Slippers

Yesterday, I started working on slipper-sock number one of four. (Yes, I’m making enough slipper socks for two people. I’m not making them for one person with four feet.)

Since the season for cold tootsies is upon us, I figured I’d find some fun handmade slippers to showcase.

Who wouldn’t want Invader Zim keeping their feet warm?
These would be perfect for handing Halloween goodies out in. I think they even give my killer bunny slippers a run for their money.

Who knew Chthulu could be so adorably comfy looking?
Image from my article, How to Wash Plush Toys
Ok, so these guys aren’t handmade. I picked them up from a couple of years back, and these Killer Bunnies are so far my favorite slippers ever.
Anyone else have some favorite footwear for around the house to share?

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