November Shop Feature – Creative Designs by Della

If you’re someone who loves scrap booking or are looking for unique gifts and packaging, Creative Designs by Della is worth checking out.

I’d actually come across her shop when I won that treasury list contest back in March. Her green gingham clothespins were part of the gift bag, and I decided to check her shop out. I’m happy I did!

Here are three of my favorite items from her listings –

Autumn Bookmark

Being the huge bookworm that I am, I have a thing for fun bookmarks. This one certainly fits the bill. It’s very pretty, unique and it looks quite functional.

Handmade Paper Envelopes

These are very pretty, and perfect for special occasions. I had never heard of banana paper before, but I love the texture, and the fact it’s handmade makes it even better.

Clear Decorated Pail

This beauty is custom made, so it’s not for sale, but it’s so adorable that I couldn’t resist featuring it. It’s absolutely adorable, and I’m sure whoever ended up with it loves it.

For more from Della, check out her web page here. She also has two Etsy pages, Creative Designs by Della, which features more of her lovely work, and Creative Craft Supply, on which you can find great supplies to create your own masterpieces.

Also, be sure to check out her blog for sales and updates.

Della, thanks so much for the honor of featuring your wonderful work!

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