On Buying Handmade Craft

It wasn’t until I started dabbling in yarn and jewelry that I truly understood how
much work goes into making something handmade. I remember admiring things on Etsy or in craft fairs and wondering why they were asking for so much money.

The materials couldn’t have cost THAT much, could they?

Now I know better. When you buy something handmade, you’re getting an item, but you’re also getting the following:

  • The time spent on making the item. That handmade blanket could have taken days to finish.
  • Years upon years of practice honing the skill.
  • Something no one will have an exact replica of.
  • If it’s a commission, you’re getting something someone spent time working with you to specify your unique desires, and then fabricating the item to your specifications.

Although I’m thinking of handmade jewelry and textiles, this also applies to artwork, writing and music.

It may be tempting to scoff at a high price attached to an item, but remember, when you buy handmade, you’re buying far more than just the thing. You’re buying time, passion and skill, too.

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