Oooh, the start of a new earring line?

Easter morning, I decided that I wanted a new pair of earrings. I’ve actually been wanting to get more stud earrings since cutting my hair short, but since I don’t have the right materials, I just made myself a pair of dangles.

The background is cat fur. Our big black cat is so patient. The stones are unakite and snowy quartz.

I think I might make some more similar earrings to sell. They have a little bit of weight to them, but I could still tolerate them for over 8 hours. Since my ears tend to be sensitive, that’s saying something.

Once I get a little work done outside, I might just get to experimenting.

Speaking of outside, I’ve transferred the seedlings into their own pots! I have so many cilantro plants, now…

The start of my indoor herb garden with morning glories in the background.

Four more cilantro seedlings and the tiny thyme that doesn’t seem visible.

I’ll be keeping two cilantro seedlings; one for indoors and one for outside. I have homes for three of the others, but I’m not entirely sure of what I’ll do with the last one. Maybe I’ll see if one of my neighbors wants it.

Happy little morning glories.

My pretty little morning glories are doing well, too. Once each seedling gets two adult leaves, I’ll start hardening them.

So, yep. Fun times!

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