Pain from carpal tunnel or tendinitis ? These stretches can help!

Anyone who does a lot of knitting, crocheting or detailed jewelry making of any kind knows the pain of overused hands and wrists.

I have chronic tendinitis in both hands, so it doesn’t take a whole lot to get a rather painful flair going. Braces do help, but there comes a time when rest is the only option. Since I type and craft for my bread and butter, too much down time can be a very bad thing.

Fortunately, I have discovered that taking breaks every once in a while to properly stretch my wrists and hands helps me go longer at my crafts while avoiding pain.

These stretches are also great for anyone who does a lot of typing.

This gent is an Aikido instructor. I’d studied that martial art for a good 7 years, and this is a wonderful stretch.

I really like this video.

These stretches help with the full range of motion for all of the fingers and the wrists as well. When you bend your hand back as far as you can, you might actually feel the stretch in your bicep as well.

I might need to do this routine regularly, because it feels so good.

Massage therapy training also offers some wonderful tips about how to keep your wrists and arms healthy. This short routine is very easy to remember, and won’t take much time out of your day to do.

When practicing these stretches, only go as far as you can without pain. If you keep up the stretching on a regular basis, you’ll notice marked improvements in your flexibility as time passes.

Does anyone have any favorite stretches or excersizes they’d like to share?

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