Pasta and Knitting – I feel like some sort of strange stereotype

One of the few advantages of feeling rotten for most of the week is the opportunity to get some knitting done. Migraines. Horrible.

Ramen is apparently horrible, too. Don’t think I’ll be having that stuff again any time soon.

Gastric distress aside, I got quite a bit more done on that purse strap I’m working on. Here are few pictures.

Yes, I’ve figured the panorama feature out on my new phone! This should be fun to mess with.

Otherwise? Well, I made quite a bit of pasta salad for the block party I couldn’t take part in, due to migraine. It didn’t turn out too badly, either. I do wish I had remembered to pick up tomatoes. I miss their texture and taste.

Otherwise? Not a whole lot got done craft wise. I’m on the hunt for some decently priced shark teeth for a small commission for someone, but hey. Which reminds me; I really need to go through my inventory and see what I don’t have listed online. Scarf season is coming up!

Also, Jenny Marie has kindly requested I submit a picture from this week’s Wordless Wednesday to her Friday linkup. Check it out here! She’s compiled quite a few very fun pictures already.

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