Pattern Try – Emma Bunny Rabbit

Goofy, goofy looking rabbit.

Yesterday, I decided to give this Emma Bunny Rabbit pattern from Ravelry a try.

The result was…


This cute lil guy gives Roger a run for his money in being silly looking. His goofiness is rather enduring though, and he ended up being the perfect size for a child’s key chain.

So, without further delay, here’s the way it went for me.

Unless I’m greatly mistaken, it seems as if many of these crochet-doll patterns start with the head, since this one did, too.

Fortunately, it was pretty easy, since it’s basically just an oval. I do think I may have lost count of rounds at one point, though. That seems to be an ongoing problem with me.

It was easier than the dino pattern I did last week, since there is only one way to attach it to the body. I was halfway expecting to add the face, stuff it and close it up early on, but that’s not what the pattern called for, so I just rolled with it.

Of course, the fact I still haven’t picked safety eyes up was running around in the back of my head, at this point. It wasn’t like I have any shortage of buttons, but I like the look of safety eyes more.

That body looks kind
of like an egg.

One of these days, I really need to get out to the craft store.

Next, came the body. Again, not too bad. My body ended up a little longer than the pattern indicated, because I had misread the number of rows needed. I didn’t feel like going back and unraveling my work, so this is a slightly taller bunny than the writer had intended.

The arms were probably the easiest parts to do, since they were only 7 rounds long, and only two of those rounds required any sort of increasing or decreasing.

Granted, Bunny won’t be picking anything up with his nonexistent paws, but that’s ok. The stuffing in his body means he won’t be hungry, and the stuffing in his head means he won’t be smart enough to do much more than be cute and cuddly.

Get that bunny struttin’ along on
these stubby lil’ legs.

The legs, however, gave me some problems. I don’t know if it’s because I was tired enough at this point to have some issues with my dyslexia, I don’t have much experience reading crochet patterns yet or if the instructions were just unclear, but I had the hardest time figuring out how to get these suckers started.

The ears remind me of tiny little
oven mitts.

Eventually, I figured it out, but they aren’t shaped exactly alike. It’s not really bad enough to take away from the form or function of the doll, so I didn’t bother doing a third one.

Last, but certainly not least, were the ears. Big, floppy and…ear-like, they are what they are. I had to resist the urge to stuff them, since the rest of the doll needed it.

Add caption

¬†Finally, it’s time to figure out what to do with the face. As mentioned above, I didn’t have any safety eyes, but I did have buttons.

I should have placed them further apart, and I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t, so this poor little guy is a little strange looking. As a result, I think I managed to make his head look wider than it really is.

At least he’s happy about it.

From there, it was time to put everything together. I rather liked how the author included instructions on how to piece this lil’ guy together. It really helped get rid of potential confusion and helped get everything in the right place.

Incidentally, you could probably use the head/body parts of this pattern to make some really cute snow people.

The Vapid Snowman. A new Holiday story.
Since I also have no stick on gems, and I don’t intend to pick any up soon, I ended up sewing a little pink outline on the ears to give them a little more detail before attaching them to the head.

I made the lil’ cotton tail myself, too. Why buy a bunch of puff balls when you can make them yourselves, y’know?

Overall, I really enjoyed this pattern. It’s lain out in a very clear, concise way, and the majority of the instructions were very clear.¬†

If you still lack the experience in reading these patterns, like I do, take a little extra time with the legs, or at least crochet a test one before attaching them to the body.

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