Pi Art for Pi Day!

Now, I’m not fond of math, but I love good geek punnery. Therefore, I love Pi Day.

In celebration, I’m featuring some of my favorite Pi products on Etsy.

Pi Cookie Cutter at WarpZone – Like pi, but don’t like pie? Why not make Pi cookies instead?

Pi cookie cutter

Sweetie Pi Keychain at HeartAndSolDesigns – This is an adorable little key chain that’s perfect for the geeky loved one in your life.

Sweetie Pi Keychain

Pi-rate T-Shirt at wopbobalubob – This one had me cracking up when I first saw it. It’s almost a shame I prefer ninjas.

PiRate T-shirt
Chicken Pot Pi T-shirt at FeathersOnTheGround – This is another one that cracked me up, but now I’m strangely hungry, too. Hm.
Visual food based geek puns are made of awesome.
Chicken Pot Pi
Pi Bottle Opener at theUncommonGreen – If you’re celebrating Pi Day with a pizza pie, there’s nothing better than a cold, frosty one. This great bottle opener just adds to the day.
Pi Bottle Opener
There are tons of other goodies available on Etsy and at your local craft stores or fairs. The level of creativity out there is stunning and so much fun!

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