Plant Week!

Most of my DIY efforts this week have gone towards taking care of plants. Those awesome little origami pots ended up soaking up most of the water from the potting soil I was using, so the plants themselves weren’t getting much water.

Note to self: Next time I decide to make those pots, use soil that retains water better.

I ended up losing one cilantro plant and the thyme seedling in the process. Ah well. I still have enough to give to the people I promised one to, and a spare. After reading up a bit more on what kind of conditions are best, I’m having a hard time figuring out where to put it on our property,so I might just end up having two potted cilantro plants.

Anyway, here are those plantlings:

They’re so much happier in their reused plastic pots.
This guy’s doing pretty well, too. I was too lazy to try getting a better pic. Ah well.

I’d also decided to put my morning glories in their summer home a couple of days ago. What I didn’t realize was that we were going to get a few rounds of thunderstorms.

Our home and property were undamaged, though I was worried hail was going to start coming down at times. My poor little morning glories, though…

One was shocked by the transplant, but the other three don’t seem too bad off.

I hope they make it. You can see in the picture how one of the permanent leaves got damaged in the storm. I’m sure they’ll be alright after a while. I probably should have waited until they were a bit bigger.

Lastly, I repotted the two plants my mom brought from New York last year. The Mother In Law’s Tongue Plant actually came from a larger plant that’s older than I am, and she gave my sister and I both the cutest little African Violets.

The violet had outgrown the tiny little pot it was in, so I repotted it for obvious reasons, and the original pot the Mother In Law’s plant was in had a crack that seemed to be getting worse.

The African Violet looks much happier, though it looks like a couple of leaves should probably be taken off.

The violet actually has a few more tiny buds and leaves coming up, so I guess it’s very happy in that spot.

Lastly, but not leastly, a progress pic of that scarf I’d restarted last week!

I should have lain it flat, huh?

Not a very good pic. I’m still doubtful about how it’s turning out, but it’s hard to tell if that’s just my tendency to be hypercritical of my work or what. I know it’s difficult to judge from the pic, so.


I’ll do more work on it this weekend.

As for now, I have more spring cleaning to get done. Fun times, huh?

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