Playing With Yarn

Despite the ongoing struggle with this infection, I’ve managed to get a little crafting done.

Of course, we have that cool compress from this entry, which I’ll be making use of shortly.

I’ve also had to restart the blanket I had been working on, because I’d somehow managed to lose a fair number of stitches on the original. I’m pretty sure I’d just missed part of the pattern.

Anyway, I’ve gotten a fair amount of it finished. I think I’ll probably need to pick up more yarn before it’s done, though.

Please forgive the messy desk. Once I sat down and draped a blanket over my legs, this little guy decided to curl up on my foot.

As people owned by cats everywhere knows, it’s illegal to move a curled up ball of cuteness unless absolutely necessary. Anyway, he’s keeping that one foot warm. Wonder if he’d move if I tried nudging my other foot underneath him.

I’d also put together a simple shark tooth necklace commission, but had managed to forget about getting a picture before shipping it out. Ah well.

That said, I am still open for commissions, and will remain so until mid-April. You can find the info here.

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