Prepping For Endure4Kindness!

So, Endure4Kindness is under a month away now, and I’ve been getting ready in my own unique way.

Enter – knitting and crocheting to build up my endurance and focus. Thus far, I have five coasters and one coffee-press cozy blocking –

They’re still a little damp. Cozy just needs buttons.

And four mug prototypes ready to have buttons attached. Within the next couple of days, they’ll have matching coasters, and if they work well, will be up for sale in my shop.

Still need to test ’em. I may need to do a redesign, since they’re all originals.

Plus, look at all of that glorious, glorious yarn!!!

10 million and a half thanks to my amazing mom for bringing the stuff in the banker’s boxes cross country!

Now all I need are more donations! If you can’t spare $10, please spread the word!

Here’s what you’ll be supporting –

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