Product Review – Even Glow Serum

A couple of weeks ago, Valentia sent me a free bottle of their Vitamin C Even Glow Serum to try and review.

I don’t have much experience with skin care products I don’t make myself, but I have tried a few that didn’t agree with my skin. After looking at the ingredients, I didn’t see anything that I’ve reacted to in the past.

This serum has a very nice consistency and a pleasant smell. It actually reminded me a little bit of an orange ice cream pop, which I found amusing. The scent lingers for a little while after it’s applied to the skin, but it’s subtle enough that it’s not bothersome.

I was surprised at just how soothing it was the first time I used it. I have combination skin, so I have to be careful about the oil content of what I put on some parts, but I still need moisturizer on others.

As long as I’m consistent about washing my face twice a day, this serum does a wonderful job of moisturizing without blocking pores or causing breakouts.
I only use it once a day, as the directions indicate.

As for visible changes, I haven’t noticed many just yet. Most of the fine lines I’ve been developing don’t show up well in pictures, and I doubt many people can see them without looking closely, but I can still see them when I look in the mirror.

That said, I have noticed a slight decrease in the developing lines at the corners of my eyes and the worry lines between my eyebrows. It’ll probably take a bit longer to notice many other changes.

At the very least, I love this serum for how much it soothes my skin and the way it adds a little more moisture to the dry areas.

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