Product Review: Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme

I don’t know if it’s glow-in-the-dark zombie approved, but the undead on that broken mug seem to like it.

Earlier this month, the fine folks at Life & Food sent me the pictured bottle of Omega-3 to review at no cost to me. (I’m not being paid for this review, by the way.)

Since I have a seafood allergy, I can’t get enough omega-3s in my diet without loading up on more flax seed than I care to think about, so I’ve been taking fish oil for a few years after being advised to do so by a medical professional. After checking their Amazon listing and company out, I decided to go ahead and give this brand a try.

The first thing I noticed upon opening the bottle was how small the capsules are. For whatever reason, most omega-3 supplements I’ve tried, including flax seed oil, are huge in comparison.

Here’s how the other brand I’d been taking at the time compares.

Since I don’t usually have trouble swallowing pills, it didn’t bother me. However, I still had a much easier time with Life & Food’s supplement.

I’ve been taking them for just shy of two weeks, now. They seem to be working as well as the other brands I’ve tried in that I feel clear headed and my moods are more stable than when I don’t take the supplements.

The shape does make a huge difference, though. I think the coating may also be a bit easier to digest, too, because when I have a light breakfast with them, I haven’t experienced the same kind of nausea as with other brands.

There’s also been no after taste or, as is so delicately stated in product descriptions, “fish burps” later on. I’ve noticed that many brands that advertise lack of after-taste and those fish-burps don’t usually do the trick. This one seems to be true to that claim.

In the end, this has been one of the better supplements I’ve tried, and I might just end up sticking with them.

* Please realize that this is only my personal experience, and nothing I say is intended as medical advice. Always consult your doctor before taking supplements, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medications.

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