Quick ‘n Easy Tutorial – Make Your Own Gift Tags!

The fact I’m writing this at just shy of 9:30 on December 23rd demonstrates just how last-minute I am with making and wrapping gifts. If you have a few last minutes gifts that you’d like to personalize, why not make your own tags?

This was quick and easy. All I needed were printed out tags, though you could easily draw your own if you’re so inclined, contact paper, scissors, a hole punch and some yarn.

Since I already had a tag-sized image printed out, I’ll use it as an example.

A picture of a small picture of a snowy bridge and trees with the words "We Live In A Wonderland" in the foreground.I’ve found that right around 2″ by 2″ is a good size for cards, though smaller sizes work, too.

Once you have your tag printed out, cut out two pieces of contact paper that are a little bigger than the tag. Carefully apply them to each side of the paper.

The above picture between two peices of contact paper.There will be bubbles, but they’re easily gotten rid of by scraping the contact paper with your fingernail or coin.

Trim the edges of the contact paper and punch a hole either in one of the upper corners or in the middle, near the top.

The tag sitting on a ball of yarn, next to a little box with the carving of a person sitting peacefully on it.Lastly, cut a length of yarn or string, fold it in half and put the folded edge through the hole. Then, pull the two tails through the loop and tie it to the gift!

There you have it. A unique tag for the perfect gift!

A bottle of herbs with a custom tag tied to it and the words "Make Your Own Gift Tags" in the foreground.
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