Ready for some Fun DIY Easter and Spring Crafts?

Whether you celebrate Easter, Ostara, another variation of spring holiday, or nothing at all, it’s always fun to celebrate the coming of warmer weather with handmade crafts. Here are a few fun ones I’ve found scattered about the internet.

Open For a Surprise!
This is a super fun and easy craft. You can make eggs open to reveal a cute little chick, or various other goodies.

Mason Jar Easter Treat Gifts
Mason jars are rather popular for a lot of things, but they also make great additions to Easter Baskets or treat holders for guests. This how-to article gives great step-by-step instructions and clear pictures about how to make them.

Mason Jar Picture Frame Vase
How cool is this idea? There’s painting involved, so it can get a bit messy, but the result is great.

Daffodil Bunting Courtesy of Nurture Store (Photo shared under conditions stated in the posted copyright guidelines)

Daffodil Bunting (better known as “garland” in the US)
This is a great idea for kids and adults alike. I rather like the author’s suggestion to turn this craft into a lesson about nature, numbers and shapes for young kids. The daffodil pinwheel project at the bottom of the entry looks like a lot of fun, too.

Burlap Bunny Table Runner
Those bunnies may be shady, but the finished craft is very sweet and classy. It’s a nice deviation from the typical pastels and bright colors most spring goodies seem to embody.

What are some of your favorite spring crafts?

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