Repurposing = Reincarnation?

Just taking a lunch break from cutting, sewing and stuffing things, (do I know how to party or what?) when a random thought occurred to me.

Mangled jeans or bag-to-be? Why not both?

We all know the random thoughts are usually the best.

A pretty decent percentage of materials I end up using are either second hand or cast offs of various types. Today, I’m working with a couple pairs of my hubby’s retired jeans. He’s a landscaper, so his clothing tends to take quite a beating.

Now, I usually end up mending his clothing on a regular basis, but after a while, it’s time for new duds. When he gets new clothing, instead of throwing out the old jeans, I wash them, then use their fabric.

The connection between repurposing clothing and reincarnation hit me today. Although the life of these garments as wearable clothing is done, their life as a pillow, bag or whatever else they get made into is just beginning.

Last year’s lilies thrived off of nutrients from soil
enriched with the leavings of worms and decomposed
plant matter. This years lilies will do the same
from last years’ leaves and compost.

It’s like the concept of reincarnation, in that when our bodies die, our spirits simply enter a new life as whatever it is we’re reborn as.


So, those of us who like working with old clothing, jewelry or whatever else we found have quite a bit of power in our hands. We’re helping the environment out by minimizing wast and giving new life to ‘useless’ things.

If we look further into the concept, nature is just like that. On a strictly physical level, living things die and become food for other living things on a daily basis. Others are born to continue the species and the great cycle of life. Everything about us is recycled with time.

Even while we’re still alive, our cells are constantly dying, while others are being born. I read somewhere that it takes seven years for the human body to completely regenerate every single cell.

When that’s taken into account, I guess that makes everyone self-made, huh?;sz=180×150;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802463524;pid=8585195;usg=AFHzDLs1dN8tahYbtXi5byluPd1jMDX2pg;–f–us–100–8585195%2526sourcecode%253Daffiliate%2526pid%253D6673073%2526utm_cp_signal%253D92%2526productid%253D8585195;pubid=600952;price=%2412.50;title=Thrift+Shop+Companion+…;;;width=85;height=85;dcadv=3632184;sz=180×150;lid=41000613802463762;pid=INV1030;usg=AFHzDLt4ZI02zylanL62mRICboSqZXprrQ;;pubid=600952;price=%2420.98;title=N01-0110820+Who+the+%23%24%26;merc=Techno+Outlet+Site;;width=56;height=85
Love thrift shops. They’re great for materials, and as the movie above shows, you might find some real gems.

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