Saturday Cosplays at CONvergence

Well, I didn’t get back to the hotel room on Saturday night until somewhere after 3 AM, and I didn’t want to bother our sleeping roommates, so I didn’t get to update then. Sunday was spent heading home and recovering, so here are the featured cosplays from Saturday!

This Rainbow Bright was absolutely adorable. She told us that she’d made this costume completely by hand, plus she had little foam stars to hand out throughout the convention.

 We ran into the Queen of Hearts here in one of the party rooms. She had the character down pat.

Even the peeps were dressed up!

 These two cracked everyone up. When they talked, they used the character voices, and the fall of fabric imitated the originals perfectly every time the mouths moved.
 There were quite a few weeping angels around the convention, but this one was fantastic. After I’d taken these pictures, she snuck up behind me and scared the daylights out of me. Quite a feat, since I’m usually more aware of my surroundings!
We’ll not mention how many years it took me to get back to this point in time.
Last, but most certainly not least, is the Gentleman Creeper. A little boy actually walked around in this. It’s very simply designed, but it works magnificently for the character, since the person in it has to take tiny enough steps to simulate a gliding motion.
The mustache and the monocle just add refinement to it.
If you’d like to see pictures of other cosplays and random tomfoolery, the gallery I uploaded is here. Here’s hoping I can make it to next year’s convention, too! This was entirely too much fun.

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