Self Care Bonanza – Week One

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, self care is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. It can range from getting enough sleep and eating well to pampering ourselves a little from time to time.

As a way to celebrate, validate and encourage this healthy habit, I’ve decided to start this link party in which I encourage everyone to showcase something they do to help themselves out and/or a tutorial to help others do so.

To kick it off, here are a couple of things I’ve done within the past week to take care of myself.

Simmering noodle soupSince I’ve managed to catch the cold my husband brought home, I made myself some noodle soup in chicken broth. Usually, I’d add a bunch of veggies, but since I was feeling so terrible at the time, I just added some minced ginger and a bunch of black pepper.

It tasted good and loosened my sinuses up a bit.

I also liked how the noodles looked while it was cooking. They’re all squiggly and whatnot.

Since I had a birthday the week before last, I decided to do something new, and dye my hair a dark blue. Since I didn’t bleach it, it turned out black with blue highlights – mostly.

A woman's hair, held back with a black clip. It's dyed an uneven blue.I took that the day I first dyed it. The stuff I used, Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue, didn’t take the first time, so I refreshed it the next day, which turned it much darker.

After a few washes, it’s starting to come out, as I expected it to, but it’s still nicely dark.

A woman with dark hair and glasses, looking away from the camera. A woman with dark hair and glasses looking at the camera.I’d forgotten how much I liked myself with dark hair. I may pick up a permanent hair color once this stuff has faded.

What have you done for self care recently? Share with us in the link up below! Feel free to grab the code to use on your page, as well.

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