Share in the Joy of Life

So, I haven’t been nearly as active as I’d like to be, recently. In part, it has to do with recovery from the craziness that was July and in part with trying to catch up with chaos elsewhere in my life.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get everything done without losing what’s left of my mind, and as the fatigue slowly set in, I got the urge to include others in getting inspiration out of life again.

Since this is a craft blog and craft is rooted in joy, at least for me, why not find a way to celebrate at least one thing we each find joy or inspiration in? The question remains, how can this be accomplished?

The easiest way I could think of is taking a picture of one thing that makes you happy every time you see, taste, hear, feel or experience it in any way, and posting it either in comments on this blog, or on Facebook or wherever else you happen to encounter this entry.

Better yet, if you have a blog, why not make a similar entry encouraging your readers to do the same and link it back to wherever you found this entry? If you provide me with a link, I’ll gladly update this entry with said link.

So, I’ll get started. Here’s what makes me happy each time I see it:

Kind of strange looking, isn’t it?
This thing is called a hand boiler. It’s basically a strangely shaped glass bottle filled with ethyl alcohol. Usually, the fluid is all in the bottom bubble, but since it was a hot day when I took the picture, the alcohol redistributed itself into all three sections.
Since ethyl alcohol boils at a relatively low temperature, if you hold it by the bottom, the alcohol will start boiling from the heat of your hand. It’ll have nowhere to go, so it’s forced up through the little glass tubes connecting the three bubbles.
My grandmother had this when I was a kid, and she’d bring it out when we came to visit. None of us had any idea of what it was at the time, since it’d been around since my mom was a teenager, but watching the liquid react like that was amazing to our young minds. That memory of curiosity and joy, plus the sheer coolness that is science, is wrapped up in this humble toy.
In part, those emotions are what helps me do what I do, from writing to crafting. I love figuring out how the put something together to match what’s in my head, or to replicate something I like without a pattern. The curiosity of why certain things work, why they work, how they were discovered and where they came from is what drives research.
In any case, that’s one thing that makes me happy every time I see it. What about you?

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