Simple Crochet Garland Pattern

Since I’ve been experimenting with new crochet stitches and techniques by way of trying out free patterns, I figured I’d try making something for our tree.

After a little trial and error, I figured out a very simple, very cute pattern.

I used white, Lion Brand Yarn Micro Spun, acrylic sport weight yarn, and a size 8 (5.0 mm) crochet hook for this, but this would work with any color. It would probably work with differently weighted yarn and crochet hook sizes, too.

I actually just used white because I had half a banker’s box full of the stuff, but it turned out nicely.

Since I wanted to make it for our tree, which is right around 6 feet tall (72 inches), my garland ended up being around 34 feet long (408 inches). However, this would work for other decorations, and can be made in shorter lengths.

Also, these are the abbreviations I’ll be using:

ch = chain
sc = stitch
sk = skip stitches
sl = slip stitch

A long crochet starter chain.
Yeah, this is just part of the chain.

* * = repeat instructions between stars

Step 1: Ch however many stitches until the base row is as long as you’d like it to be. Measure
whatever it is you’ll be decorating beforehand, so you can get it long enough. In this case, overestimating is usually a better idea than underestimating.

Step 2: sc through one side of the ch for the entire length

Step 3: 2sc *8ch, 4sk, 3sl* Repeat the steps between the stars until you get to the last two or three stitches, and sc those

A closeup image of the garland being made.
This is what the loops will look like.

Step 4: 5 or 6sl, depending on how many you sc at the end of the last step *8sc into loop (4ch, sl into 4th sc, four times)* 2sl

I realize this step is a little tricky, but once you get it, it’s easier. The below picture is what it’ll look like once you finish the first 4ch/sl section, and chained the next section.

The details of the garland being created.
The smaller loop between larger garland loops.
This is what you’ll have between the loops.

Step 5: Weave ends in and hang the garland!

If anything is too confusing, please let me know, and I’ll try to clarify it. I’m not used to actually writing crochet patterns, but hopefully this wasn’t too confusing.

Our humble Yule Tree with the new garland.

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