Six Fun Ideas To Keep Kids Occupied Indoors

This has been one brutal winter, and school districts have been calling for unexpected days off left and right. In some places, like here in Minnesota, the cold is dangerous enough to make staying in all day the only option.

Of course, kids get bored with this, and ideas for new indoor activities may be getting scarce. So, I figured I’d provide a few fun ideas I’ve stumbled across over the internet.

Make a Mobile!
Ok, if you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ve already seen this entry, but it’s still a great idea for kids of all ages. It doesn’t need to be just bats, either. You can create snowflakes, birds or even butterflies.

Marble Paint!
This looks like it would be wonderfully messy, but the results would be unique enough to be worth it.

Make an I Spy Bottle
This is another super fun idea. Gathering, or making materials, can be a lot of fun, and the end result could keep kids entertained for quite a while.

Make A Dream Pillow
If your kids are interested in sewing, this is an easy project for them to start out with. Since it involves straight seams, this can be done by hand. These pillows can also be made in any size, as well.

Upcycle A Coffee Can
If you have some junk mail, an old coffee can and some glue on hand, this is a great idea for kids who enjoy making things out of unlikely materials.

Paints, Plates and Buttons
This page has lots of fun ideas for unique painting crafts, how to use paper plates to create characters and making trees out of buttons.

Do you have a favorite craft idea for those cold days spent indoors?

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