Snow Art! (And a snow globe thrown in for fun.)

We’ve got snow, and a lot of it. While I’m not personally a huge fan of being out in it, I do think it makes for some of the prettiest scenery out there.

It’s also a great medium for making sculpture, artwork and as inspiration for crafts.

When I think of wild snowmen, the first thing I think of is of the Calvin and Hobbs comic strip. Apparently the person who made this video does, too.

Not sure why exactly the monkey cries come in at the end, though.

This art in the snow reminds me of crop circles in wheat fields. In actuality, one guy does all of this during his ski vacations. Very pretty.

Hey, snow globes! This looks extremely easy to do. Canning jars would probably work nicely for a bigger snow globe, as well. I may need to try this one someday. I kind of wish I’d found this earlier in the year.

Hope those who celebrate it had a great Christmas yesterday and those who don’t had a great day!

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