Spam Theater: Bats, Peaches, Jack and Dreams

Ah, spammers. They think they’re so clever.

They’re not, but what the CAN be is amusing. Here are a few choice selections from my latest round of deletions. (Click images to embiggen.)

Why, yes! My post about making a bat mobile out of construction paper will TOTALLY help people build new web pages! I’ll run right to your blog about ionized water to thank you for your gracious compliment.

Awesome! I should fail at baking more often. Those peach muffins actually made me so sick. I’m sure your volunteer driven website about HSV Erasers, whatever those are, will benefit greatly from terrible pastries.

Jack! You jerk! Are you dishonoring that soul by being unfaithful AND insensitive while you usurp authority?! How dare you! I can tell you’re not being the best person you can be.

Wonder how they knew my undying dream was to become an actress who uses Supagard prefabricated concrete to make sure cars keep their showroom shine?

Maybe I’m easily amused, but this stuff is just so funny.

Next on Spam Theater? Spam comments on this entry about spam.

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