Start the Growing Season Off Right With a Target REDCard

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I usually end up visiting Target at least once or twice a month. As you may remember from a few past DIY entries, I pick up some of my materials from them for mending or upcycling projects. Since spring is here, I’ll probably end up trotting on over to take a gander at some of their gardening stuff. (TMNT watering cans, anyone?)

Part of what I like about that store is the opportunities it gives to save money, and now I know the Target REDCard offers 5% off every day. No need to wait for sales to save a little bit of the green stuff.

If you need to do a little online shopping instead, when you use your REDCard you’ll won’t have to worry about paying for shipping – it’ll be free! There’s no minimum purchase, either, which is always a good thing.

I just found this little tidbit out recently, but you can opt to have up to 1% of every purchase to benefit a school of your choice. I know education is a huge thing for me, but it’s even bigger for the parents I’ve met. It’s a good feeling knowing at least a little bit of what you spend will go to bettering your child’s school.

Applying and maintaining the card is also very easy with their online tools. When applying online for a debit or credit card, you’ll get immediate approval, barring a few debit procedures requiring bank account confirmation.

Once you get your REDcard, it’s simple to check your balance, make payments, review statements, manage your PIN and monitor debit card transactions. Plus, you qualify for special deals not available to non-card holders.

It’s worth noting that there are no annual fees for the debit or credit card, and the debit card allows up to $40 cash withdrawal at the store.

To learn even more about this handy card, please click the banner below.

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