Store Update and Sales!

Change is in the air!

Today, I opened a shop over at Store Envy. So far, I have the bookmarks that I’ve made up. Take a look!

There’s a sale going on until November 30th. Get 10% off your order with coupon code grandopen. 🙂 If all goes well at Store Envy, I’ll be gradually transferring listings over from Etsy as they expire.

However, I do have a sale on at my Etsy shop until November 30th, as well. You can get free shipping with coupon code GIVETHANKS. 🙂

In any case, I’ll have more interesting stuff up starting Wednsday. I got pretty busy last week, so I fell behind. What was I doing?

Well, aside from cooking, taking care of the house and other writing projects, I’ve been knitting.

Usually, I was pinned down by our big black cat. Occasionally, I was also pinned under my bigger, not so fuzzy hubby as he napped after work.


Forgive the poor quality. These were taken with my cell phone.

I was actually working on a pair of slipper-socks for my father-in-law, but had to keep starting over again. I just could not get the sizing right!

I think I’ll actually give him a choice between the slippers I made this weekend and the fuzzy blue ones I made earlier this month.

I’ve always had problems with sizing. The only way to get better is to keep practicing, I know, but it still frustrates me.

Ah well. Hope everyone’s well out there in internet land!

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