Taking Joy in the Simple Things – Pressed Flowers

Looks like my pressed flowers are ready to use! I was a little bit iffy about how well the Russian sage would dry, but I really like the results.

I have construction paper, contact paper and arty supplies ready. Hopefully, I’ll have some new bookmarks or wall art up in the shop this week!

Now, I just need to practice my lettering. Maybe I should post some failed attempts to see how many laughs I’d get. Anyway, here are the flowers!

Russian sage. I may make some dream pillows with this stuff in them, too. It has a lovely aroma.

Clover. I’ll have to collect more of the pretty yellow flowers next year.

More Russian sage. Such pretty purple flowers.

Yet more Russian sage and some sort of weed with white flowers. The leaves have such a neat shape on this type of sage, and I just thought the white flowers were so pretty. Hopefully, they’ll contrast nicely with a darker background.

Next spring, I’ll need to go on a flower collecting expedition. I’ve forgotten how much I enjoy doing this.

In related news, the Chinese Lanterns growing out back are extremely happy, too. I’m going to need to do some research into crafts for those, too. The orange and unique shape are just so lovely. I’ll need to save some of these plants when we do an overhaul of our yard next year.

Close up of some lanterns. They’re not fully ripe, yet.

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