The Adventure of Creating

Well, I meant to make a post yesterday, but that didn’t happen. So, I meant to make a post earlier today.

That didn’t happen, either.

So, I’ll make one tonight, AND THEN…another tomorrow.

Fun times, huh?

Tonight, I randomly decided to try making a Valentine’s Day gift for the hubby. We don’t usually exchange gifts, since our personal relationship system tends to work on the basis of random activities and assorted favors done for each other.

However, I still enjoy gifts. Yes, I like getting them, but giving them is much more enjoyable. This is going to be something of a surprise, especially since I’m not working off of a pattern.

Part of why crafting things is a lot of fun is in seeing the final result. I’ve found that those results tend to be variations of the following:

  • Kind of success

The beauty of all of those outcomes is that they each result in further development of skill. Success is a great feeling, but those other results are just as important, if not more so.

They’re what teach us what not to do next time. Or, if the effort was too great, maybe they’re examples of why you should move onto something else.

That’s why creating is an adventure. Once you pick up basic skills and get to the point of experimenting on your own, you never know exactly what you’ll get at first.

It’s kind of like experimenting in science labs, except with fewer explosions.


If you’re sculpting with volatile substances, I guess there are just as many explosions, if not more.

Please don’t sculpt with volatile substances without proper training first.


Since I’ve gotten the basic hang of crocheting little dolls, but not the Romanji of the Japanese technique, I figured I’d craft my own little Leonardo from TMNT for the hubby.

Here’s what I have so far:

Leo’s all broken up.

The way I see it, he’ll either be getting a super cute version of the Ninja Turtle with a removable belt and mask, or he’ll be getting a cute little lizard with a light brown torso.

I’ll post the final result tomorrow when I do my finished projects/WIP entry!

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