The Effects of Donning A Ruby Stone – Guest Blogger

Many thanks go to Shivangi Sharma for offering to write the following guest entry.

For years now, the Ruby stone has been considered to be a regal, rich and gorgeous gemstone that is known to represent deep passion and symbolize love. This deep red colored stone is, not surprisingly, a ladies’ favorite. The Fiery-red Ruby is also, traditionally, the Birthstone for those born in July.

What happens when you wear a ruby?

In many cultures, including India’s, this lovely looking stone is believed to possess abilities to better certain aspects of the wearer’s life. In fact, these red gemstones are known as Lord of Gems and are said to benefit the wearer’s health, give him/her wealth and also bring happiness in their lives.

Among the precious stones , rubies are said to symbolize love and passion. This is also because of it’s attractive wine red color. However, that’s not it. The stone helps the wearer work towards his/her success with vitality, pushing you to achieve your goals.

It is the gemstone associated with nobility and divinity like the pukhraj stone. Wearing Rubies gives you confidence and courage to help you attract wealth. Rubies remove all sense of limitation and help you succeed in gaining wealth.
Obviously, these effects hold true if one wears or possesses genuine ruby stones. In terms of identification, the first clue to the gorgeous red stone being genuine is obviously its color. The stone may range in color from red to purplish or brownish red and deep pinkish-red. This difference in color depends on the presence of impurities in the form of trace elements chromium or iron within the crystal structure of the gemstone. The truth is, finding a genuine, deep red ruby is very difficult. Their presence is rare and of course these types of the stone are also high on the price.
One thing to remember when buying gemstones is not getting carried away just because a certain gemstone offers such and such benefits. The crucial bit is to focus on buying a genuine product, whether it is ruby or panna stone or a semi-precious gemstone.


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