The value of handmade gifts

You can find this adorable pattern here.

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Making your own gifts for others is something of a double edged sword.

On the one hand, few things are more satisfying than making something with your own hands and knowing it brings joy to the recipient.

On the other hand, it takes time to make. This can get in the way when you have as many time management issues as I do. Fortunately, my loved ones understand I have a hard time with dates and times when it comes to gifts or cards.

There’s a relatively common Pagan belief stating handmade objects have more power than mass produced things. The idea is that the creativity, time and effort put into the thing’s creation creates something of a “soul” and enhances the naturally occurring magic in the materials.

If you don’t prescribe to those beliefs, there is still something uniquely special about handmade things. Tiny mistakes or alterations in the pattern/materials makes the object completely unique. Choices made during the creation and preparation add a personal touch mass produced things simply don’t have.

There is beauty in handmade.

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