This may not be a pretty entry, but it hasn’t been a pretty week, either.

For the past several years, my husband and I have been clearing snow for an elderly couple who lives across the ally from us.

He survived polio, although he lost most use of his legs, and made it through a bout of stomach cancer. Last year, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Through it all, he stayed feisty and friendly whenever we chatted with him.

The weekend before last, he passed away. He was in his 90s and lived a full life, but it’s always hard when someone you know passes away. I can’t imagine what his widow, another lovely human being, is going through. Right now, we’re still clearing snow for her, and she knows we’re just right here if she needs us.

I never thought I’d be so sad to see a wheelchair ramp disappear in my life.

This week, the world lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman and a few other celebrities to that awful disease. Bowie and Rickman were the two that hit the hardest, simply because I was most familiar with them.

I think this latest cluster of deaths is part of why I’ve had such a hard time writing for this blog this week. That, and a bout with norovirus. (Wash your hands, kids! Believe me, it’s a nasty bug.)

There’s too much spinning around in my head right now.

I guess that means I’m overwhelmed by everything that’s going on.

Nursing a sick husband and dealing with fever/stomach cramps/less savory things probably don’t help, either.

On the up side, at least we’re both starting to feel better.

2 thoughts on “This may not be a pretty entry, but it hasn’t been a pretty week, either.”

  1. I think we in the Western World have not learned the art of dying.
    When I got the news of one David Robert Jones having lost connection to Ground Control, I thought, thanks, man, for leaving all those movies and music and awesome thoughts for us here.

    YOu will meet wheelchair guy again, and he will be utterly honoured by the fact you have mourned his passing from such a pure heart.


    1. Have I ever told you how much I enjoy your comments? Because I do. You’re so wonderful. <3
      Thanks so much, and I agree with you on many levels. Death is natural, even though it's difficult to go through, but it's not always a bad thing. I'm sure I'll see him and the others who have already passed from the physical world again, too.
      That said, there's still something to be said for hanging on to life. I think we should each have as much control as possible over our lives as possible, and that includes how we handle the end, especially if our bodies are fading away.

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