Three Easy Last Minute Craft Ideas

Woops! We’re down to the wire and still missing a few gifts.

If you’re anything like me, you’re scrambling to get things made and gifts wrapped. Don’t panic! These three ideas work for most people and they’re super easy to make.

As an extra bonus, they’re made of stuff you probably already have!

Dream Pillow Recipes
Do you know how to make a pillow? Just cut out two rectangles of fabric, sew three ends together and stuff, right?

A purple pillow in the shape of a cat.
This kitty pillow had
chamomile and lavender in
it. Even after being shipped
cross-country, the recipient
said it still smelled amazing.

Dream pillows are pretty much the same concept. These goodies can be made in any shape you desire, and the only exotic thing you need to find are herbs. As you’re stuffing the pillow, just grind the herbs between your fingers as you sprinkle them with your filling of choice.

Loose herbs can be found in many health stores, but if you don’t have easy access to one, raid your tea or decorative supplies.

Here are some of the best ones to use in these pillows:

Lavender – Dispels nightmares and encourages restful sleep
Mint – Encourages healing and protects the sleeper
Chamomile – Brings about peace and helps you sleep

Mint and chamomile are very popular teas, and you may be able to find lavender in the same area.

Good Luck Charms
These could be anything from wish bags to a hand-crafted shamrock. If you associate it with luck, you can probably make it.

Jewelry is an especially good candidate for good luck charm status. The color green is often associated with luck, so putting together a quick pendant of green beads would do the trick, as would putting together a necklace or bracelet.

If you have access to semi-precious stones, these are considered especially lucky:


Make Hair Clips
A quick trip to the hair care isle can yield some simple, unadorned clips ready for decoration.

Ribbon can be wrapped around these accessories and glued in place, as can yarn. If you like hair falls, you can improvise the look by knotting the yarn around the clip and letting the rest hang free. Beads and semi-precious stones can be glued to them, as can artificial flowers.

These ideas make simple, but fun gifts your loved one is sure to appreciate.

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