Three Great Crafts to Beat the Summer Heat

This week, Minnesota will be in the 90s for the entire time. Rumor has it that temps might reach 100, which isn’t unheard of in the summer months. Right now, I have our window unit on full blast and a few fans placed strategically around the house, so I’m pretty good. There are quite a few people who can’t escape the heat, like folks who have to work outside, kids in schools without AC and, well, just about anyone else without access to air conditioned spaces.

Outdoor critters need water, too! Why not put some out
to help them endure the heat?

This got me thinking, what can we make ourselves to help beat the heat? Obviously, drinking water is vital, but there has to be something other than fanning ourselves and being generally miserable.

For Dogs (Or Cats)
I might just try this one for our kitties. It’s dubbed an “ice lick”, and it looks extremely easy to make. Basically, you fill a bucket or bowl with water or chicken broth, throw some of your pets favorite (waterproof) toys in there and put the whole thing in the freezer. Once it’s frozen, slide the ice out and put it outside. If you have indoor cats, like I do, putting it in the tub or in a spare casserole dish may be enough to minimize the mess as they lick at it.

Neck Wraps
I’ve seen these here and there, this summer, and a number of them on sale. I’d wondered how they were made, and found out with this great tutorial. They’re actually pretty easy to make, and if you sew, you probably already have most of what you need on hand. The only thing you may need to get are the polymer crystals, which absorb the water. According to the tutorial, you should be able to find them at a floral section in a local store, but they’re available online. I may have to give this one a try and if I succeed, give one to the hubby for his birthday later this week.

Home Made Sprinkler
This page is full of fantastic suggestions, but what caught my upcycling little heart is the plastic bottle sprinkler. All you need for this is a plastic bottle, drill, waterproof tape and a garden hose. Basically, you drill holes in the bottle, attach the hose to the bottle with the tape and turn the water on. This is great if your sprinkler doesn’t work, or for water restriction days, since I highly doubt it uses as much as a lawn sprinkler and you wouldn’t have it on for nearly as long.

What do you folks do to deal with the heat?

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