Three Ideas For Reusing Things to Save Money

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It seems hard to feed your crafting addiction when you’re short on cash. If you think about it, there are almost countless ways to turn things you no longer use into materials for cosplay, new clothing or gifts.

Worn Out Jeans

My hubby’s great at his job, but he’s unbelievably hard on his jeans. Granted, we can’t afford to buy new jeans every week, so I do a lot of mending, but after a while, it gets ridiculous.

When we finally do pick up new jeans, I have material for all kinds of crafts. This article covers some of them, but my all time favorite jeans-originated goody is my handbag.

All I needed was a few decent sized undamaged patches of jeans, and scraps left over from a childhood costume my mom had made my brother years ago.

It cost me only the price of the jeans and the bit of time needed to actually sew it, and it’s served me well ever since. In fact, it’s my default purse in the warmer months.

T-Shirt Projects
If you want new shirts, purses or skirts, check out the Generation T books. I absolutely love the one I own, which is linked below.

A couple of years ago, I was at a convention which had some great hands-on panels. One of those panels revolved around re-purposing old t-shirts into new creations. Most of the patterns involved little to no sewing, and very clear instructions on how to cut the fabric properly.

From a monetary standpoint, t-shirts are extremely affordable, especially when you go to the clearance racks at your local store or hit up thrift shops. Garage sales are another great options for finding old shirts for your creations.

A woman wearing a necklace with a white pendant with wire flowers on it.
DIY Jewelry
Children and adults alike enjoy wearing jewelry. When a necklace or bracelet breaks, though, it can be hard to mend them.
If you weren’t deeply in love with how they looked to begin with, why not turn them into something else?
For instance, I picked up an old, stainless steel belly-chain from a thrift store a while ago. It was broken, and apparently not worth repairing, but it still provided chain that was used to make a necklace and bracelet, with some left over.  It also provided hardware that I used to string semi-precious stones on.
With just a little ingenuity and patience, you could come up with ways to use things you already have around the house or can pick up second hand to make unique and handy things that you can enjoy every day or give away as gifts.

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