Turtle Keychains and Jewelry

I’ve been productive, this week! Seems that the color for the past couple of weeks has been green, though.

Before I get to what I did this week, I can finally show you all what I made my sister for her birthday.

Surprise, surprise it’s a pair of earrings and a necklace. She seemed to like them, and I’m rather fond of how they turned out.

Next time I’m in a craft store, I’ll need to look for more chain like the one I used in the necklace. Easy to work with, very pretty and automatically adjustable! I like that kind of stuff when making necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

This week was all about crochet.

These little guys are just adorable. I’ll be posting the pattern in a hub in the near future.

Now all they need are masks, belts and maybe weapons, if I can figure out how to make them. Mini-TMNT will then be ready to debut in the art show next week!

I have some more key chains, so I think I’ll try my hand at making some cute crochet animal key chains for my shop.

So, here’s what’s left of my craft to-do list for CONvergence –

  • Aforementioned accessories for turtles
  • Make skirt for costume
  • Make necklace for costume

I should be able to handle that in the next couple of weeks.

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