Tutorial Try – Amigurumi — Venomhide Ravasaur (now with pattern)

Dino needed some clothing. A sweater and
jeans seemed fitting. (Of course, this couldn’t
be because I didn’t have enough green yarn.)

 I’ve been meaning to get into animugrami for a while, and what better time to start trying tutorials
than around the holidays?

My nephew absolutely loves dinosaurs. He’s still young enough to enjoy stuffed animals, so I figured I’d give this tutorial/pattern a try.

This’s one way to get ahead
in life.
(…I’m so sorry. That was a
terrible pun.)

She starts you out with the head. You start from the back and work your way up to the nose.

I wasn’t all that great at keeping track of how many rows I’d crocheted. Instead, I just kept track of how many stitches I’d completed, which seemed to work out pretty well.

This is the part that took me the most time to do. Even then, I don’t think it took a full hour to complete. I ended up putting it down for a while, so it ended up sitting for a while.

She then leads you through making the torso and the tail. These two parts took maybe ten or fifteen minutes to complete.

They look kind of like little hats, now that I think about it.

The arms were a little tricky, depending on the size of your crochet hook and the yarn. Since my hook was a little smaller than what’s probably recommended for the yarn, there were a few tricky moments with finishing them.

The legs, though, were very easy and were done within five minutes.

The arms are the stringy brown things, and the legs are the blue cups.

At this point, I had all of the bits made. All that’s needed is to put them together. Since no instruction was given, a little bit of spacial visualization was required. I’d also stuffed the body and tail first.

Since I wasn’t one hundred percent on how to piece everything together, I worked on attaching the tail and legs, first.

If you look closely, you can see where I attached the tail and leg.

First, I attached the top portion of the tail with the long length of yarn left from where I’d put it together. When I attached the leg, I actually sewed it to the tail first, and then to the body.

That dino has some bright stuffing.

Once the first leg and tail were attached firmly, I was left with a triangular spot for the last leg. That leg was easy enough to attach, because there are clear seam lines to follow.

As I attached the legs, I put stuffing in them. I ended up eye-balling where to put the arms.

All brawn, no brain this one.

Lastly, I attached the head. Of course, like with all types of puzzles I put together, I’d managed to screw it up at first.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

Of course, I eventually figured it out, and attached the head properly. At first, I wasn’t going to attach the horn, but in the end, decided it finished the little beast nicely.

I ended up using a separate length of yarn, because I hadn’t left enough loose when I made it originally.

I think he ended up being rather cute. All that had been left was to attach the key chain.

If dinos had hair, this guy would be a rock star.

As far as the crochet part goes, it was very easy to follow, but I wish she had given instructions about how to sew everything together. In the end, it was easy enough to figure out.

It is a decent project to someone relatively new to making dolls and toys, and it’s given me confidence to try making more critters with this method.

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