Tutorial Try – Bat Mobile

Na Na Na Na…

Well, I’ll spare you, but odds are, you probably know the song that’s still running through my head.

Anyway, in honor of Halloween at the end of the month, I decided to give this tutorial a shot and regale you all with my no doubt fantastic results.

This is all you really need for this project, plus a hole punch. The tutorial called for ribbon, but I didn’t have any that I wanted to use for this mobile. Instead, I decided to use some slightly scratchy yarn from the thrift store.

Drawing bat outlines isn’t terribly hard. For the first bat, I folded the paper in half and drew the outline of half a bat. I suppose you could call this the Mother Bat, or perhaps Bruce. The rest, I just drew freehand.

┬áBat brood! There are fifteen in total. I’ve given them all names and back stories, too. I made sure that they were all slightly different sizes.

This probably would have looked better with ribbon, but it’s still pretty cute with the yarn. This is one of those decorations that can easily be customized to various holidays, too.

It was extremely easy and great for kids, especially children old enough to use scissors. As the tutorial had mentioned, you can find clip art online to base the bats off of.

It’s a fun little project!

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