Tutorial Try – Crochet Basket

Since the original tutorial I was going to try for this entry went *poof*, I decided to try this one for a crochet basket.

Since I still have so much light yarn, I decided to use that. As a result, my little basket ended up a bit smaller than hers.

I’d also managed to mess my count up a bit, so I think it ended up a little wider than it should have, and I know the handles aren’t placed correctly.

Still, it’s pretty cute, and a good size for small things. Here are a few of my progress shots:

Bottom completed.

The first row of the basket walls.

Here we have the second color added.

Next time I make one of these, I’ll have to pay closer attention to my stitch count, especially since she was nice enough to provide a count of how many stitches you should have during the increasing process.

I’d also use a heavier weight yarn, since this little stuff doesn’t hold a shape very well.

As for the tutorial, it was very clear and pretty easy to follow. Her pictures are also very clear and do a great job of giving you an idea of what the basket should look like at every step of the way.

Time-wise, this little guy took me maybe a little over an hour with a couple of distractions. If you’ve been crocheting for a little while, this should be a simple project to undertake.

It was a fun little project, and I have the feeling I might end up making more of these in the future!

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