Tutorial Try – Knitting a Comfort/Duduza Doll

This Duduza Doll is a laid
back kinda guy.

I’d mentioned this article briefly in the Friday work in progress entry, but actually finished the doll on Sunday, when I had the chance to actually sit down and get some crafting done.

Overall, the pattern’s very easy to understand and videos she supplied were extremely helpful.
The only part I had trouble with was in reading the instructions to make the hat.
However, that was due to the fact that I tend to have an easier time reading patterns when the steps are listed individually. In this case, she stated that the rows between the decreasing rows were to be purled at the beginning of that section.
Again, that’s not necessarily the fault of the pattern so much as the way my brain works.

The article also supplies more information about the calls and links to a few charities to which to send them. One of the links also has other patterns that I might try.

As for the doll, I need a couple of small mistakes.
This part reminded
me of a knit
baby doll.

All the blue yarn from the thrift store worked out pretty well, the brown yarn was part of the batch from my grandmother. I’d underestimated the weight of the yarn, and didn’t realize my error until I started stuffing and all.

I probably should have used smaller needles, too.
As usual, some of my detailing stitch work was a little off, but that’s okay. That just means my doll has little bit of scoliosis.
I probably should have made the sweater striped or used a third color for the pants, since my decision to alternate colors doesn’t look right quite right upon further examination. Ah well.

This was a very easy pattern and a lot of fun to do. The doll ended up super cute and extremely cuddly.
I may make more of these and send them off to charities to help kids in times of need.
Overall, How to Knit a Comfort Doll or Duduza Doll is a great pattern for people who are just beginning to knit, and those were just looking for an easy project.

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