Tutorial Try – Origami Pot

Remember the above picture? Well, I decided I liked that little pot enough to make another one. This time, I decided to turn it into a tutorial try.

Here’s the tutorial I tried, and here’s how it went.

The first three steps are pretty easy. The first one just happens naturally, since you fold it along the existing crease. With the second step, it might be tempting to fold it along that existing crease, too, but I’ve noticed that the top and bottom edges don’t line up when the paper is folded along that secondary crease.

Since I have problems with straight lines, I traced the 3 1/2 inch measurement with a pencil before cutting.

From there, the folds are pretty straightforward. As I was working, I noticed a certain someone showing up again and again.

Hello, Happy Face Dude! I wonder, are you going to make it to the final pot?

 Ooh, I think he just might!

He did! Good to see you, Happy Face Dude.

I really enjoyed this tutorial. It was very clearly written and the pictures were very helpful. Since the flaps don’t like staying down, I’d suggest following her suggestion of either keeping the first pot under a book, or fulling it with other folded pots to help it keep its shape.

This particular pot is also quite sturdy. It’s been 9 days since I made the first one, and it’s still in pretty good shape.

There’s a comparison of the two for reference. This really is a great upcycling idea for anyone who gets the paper, or knows someone who doesn’t mind handing theirs over after reading it.

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