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He turned out slightly pudgy. Time to lay off the

A while back, one of my friends requested I try making a plush doll of one of our favorite characters from Bleach, Ryuuken Ishida (or as I like to call him, Doctor Crankypants).

I let her know about my last attempt at making plushies, Lumpy, but she pointed me towards this tutorial, by AlchemyOtaku17 on DeviantArt.
So, I decided, hey! Why not?
Completely disregarding my distinct lack of talent in the drawing department, I ordered some felt and, with reckless abandon, gave it a try.
So, without further delay, here’s what went down –
At least gathering the supplies wasn’t a problem.
Oh, Lumpy. You’re so awkwardly

After tracing my dear, sweet Lumpy, for a rough outline I was made acutely aware of my distinct inability to draw a straight line or get proportions right the first try.

I think I need to
use graph paper when
trying to do this sort
of thing.

After attempting to clean it up the unevenly proportioned outline, I cut and folded the pattern in half. Ugh. It was still SO uneven.

My husband then made something delicious smelling. My stomach let me know that it was a long time since breakfast, and…
…well, who am I to deny the call of nature?
To be eaten with tortilla chips. Very
nommy. Hubby is rather
decent in the kitchen.

After eating, getting thoroughly distracted and finding thisquite excellent resource regarding street harassment, I finished cutting out all of the pieces.

(Really, I’d suggest everyone check that link out, especially if they’ve ever been subjected to unwanted advances while out and about.)
Hey, look! Ryuken bits!

Anyway, I got to work sewing everything together, as instructed in the tutorial.

First, I attached the heads to the bodies, same with the hands and feet. Then, I started putting the front and back together.
And then, I renewed a close relationship with the seam ripper. Instead of putting the two right sides together, I had the wrong sides facing. Oy. If I’m going to make a mistake, odds are it’ll be something simple like that.
C’mon, dude. Don’t
be like that. You know
you want that leg right-
side out!

In any case, I figured it out eventually.
After some slight struggles with turning the arms and legs all the way inside out, I managed to get him into stuffable shape.
I had decided to try cutting out the suit pieces before actually firing the glue gun up. Enter my lack of visual art talent.
Despite the fact I have quite a few buttons, I couldn’t find two of the same style that were the right color. So, I gave the safety eyes a try!
Next, I glued up the head. Although hot glue is probably easier for a lot of folks to use, I think the next time I attempt a plush, I’ll just sew the head up by hand. I guess I prefer that because I have some more experience with that method.
Eh, I suppose it’s good enough.

Oh, boy. More drawing. I actually worked off of a picture on the internet, and
still only got a vague idea of the style.

Anyway, once I glued the hair on, he…well, sort of started to look like the character. A little.
I rather like the bitty Angry Eyebrow.

Originally, I was going to forego the adorable blushing cheeks, but I decided to add them after I had glued the clothing on. Hey, some peoples’ cheeks get pink when they get irritated with something, right?

Lastly came the glasses. Since the character wears a pair that has pretty much no rims, I was a little stumped about how to pull them off. First, I tried some thin jewelry wire. It didn’t work out.
Embroidering a pair crossed my mind, but I wasn’t up for making a mistake and potentially ruining the face after getting so close to being done.
He’s a doll. He doesn’t actually have to SEE out of these things.

Fortunately, I had some heavier silver wire on hand, and after a little bit of finagling, I managed to make a pair of appropriately shaped glasses.

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed in the final Dr. Crankypants. Granted, he’s not quite as awkward as Lumpy, but he’s not what I had hoped he’d be. It doesn’t have anything to do with the tutorial, either. That was very easy to follow, and the pictures she provided were excellent.
I guess it just has to do with my current skill level, and how hard I tend to be on myself when it comes to this stuff.  
All that counts in the end is that my friend seems to like him and still want him.
Well, the more I practice, the better I’ll get, right? Maybe I should try some different techniques, and see where those take me. I certainly have enough felt to last me a while!

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