Upcoming Projects!

When I came home from the library, I found this adorable mass of cuddles:

The three of them rarely lie like that, and when they do, it’s almost always on my side of the bed. Unfortunately, it’s never shortly before bed, so I don’t get to curl up in a feline-generated warm spot.

Ah well.

Seeing them like that, however, reminded me of the idea of making cat beds for them. As it stands now, I have folded blankets in their favorite spots under my desk, and the cat fort I made for them last year.

So, to the internet I go! Right now, I’m thinking of something like the Cuddle Cup from Guinea Pig Cages or this one from Lori Marie. There are quite a few adorable knit/crochet options out there, but I’d prefer to stick with fabric. In my experience, woven fabric and felt tend to stand up to kitty claws than knits.

Though, speaking of knitting, I am going to pick up this pattern for a dragon scarf/shawl from Ravelry. A girl can never have too many dragon things, can she?

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