Wash Out Week

This week, I had to take it easy on crafting and typing. Why? Well, last Saturday, I finally attacked the larger of my three small gardening plots, and pulled as much of the grass I could.

Unsurprisingly, my tendinitis flared up quite dramatically, and my carpal tunnel got my fingers all kinds of tingly. In order to prevent further damage, I had to take it easy. At least I got a fair amount done.

Here are some pics from Saturday:

I still have so much to do, but it’ll just have to wait.

In addition to getting the flowers and squash squared away, I also stuck seeds in the ground. I haven’t seen any seedlings pop up, yet, but here’s what the plants look like today, after almost a full week of rain and one hail storm.

Trying to train those sweet peas to take to that lattice thing. Not sure how well that’ll go.

Resting was a good call, though. My hands and arms are feeling much better, now.

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