Went light on crafts this week, but I made up for it with flowers and kitties!

The only crafty thing I really made was that ear cuff from Wednesday.

Ears are weird looking.

Otherwise, my time’s been taking up with writing, cleaning or reading. Well, yesterday, I did transplant one of my little balloon flower plants, since it was getting overwhelmed by the Fire Witch bush. So, I suppose here’s a picture of that.

The one I moved has darker dirt around it from where I’d watered it this morning.

It doesn’t look too sad, so hopefully it’ll survive. Those little plants produce the prettiest purple flowers.

Speaking of flowers, our crab apple tree is starting to reach its prettiest time of the year. Take a look at these blossoms.

They have the sweetest smell, too. Once more are open, I’ll probably head out there again and get some more pictures.

And finally, the cats are being very cute today, so I figured I’d share a picture of their sprawling majesty.

The interim set up until we can get a couple of cat trees. They seem happy enough with their boxes.

Our tabby cracks me up. It’s like she goes out of her way to lie on surfaces that match her coat.

Anyway, hope everyone’s enjoying their spring!

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