What’s With All The Snow, Nature?

That snowdrift by the tree to the left of the tree mid picture
is almost five feet tall.

Well, I suppose that’s what happens during winter in Minnesota.

Anyway, there hasn’t been a whole lot of progress on the craft front for us. Since my husband plows snow in the winter, he spent the majority of Thursday doing that, and the rest of the week was spent on planning or researching what else he’ll need to continue with the framing downstairs.

We did pick up a toilet, some specialized equipment and a shower stall kit for the new bathroom we’re putting in, though.

As for me, I’ve been concentrating primarily on planning writing things out for next month, and doing writing things for this last week. However, I did make a little more progress on that scarf I started last week.

Since I’m hurting a lot more than I thought I would be from shoveling yesterday, I think I’ll give knitting a break today. I think did something bad to my wrists and an elbow, so they need some rest. It just feels like a bad case of tendinitis, and there’s no visible swelling, so I’m not too worried at this point.

Anyway, I’m brewing up some plans to try a paper making project at some point next month, too.

Stay warm!

…or cool, depending on geographical location.

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