When Summer and Fall Meet You Get…um. Autumn?

Yesterday was unseasonably warm. By that, I mean it felt more like August than October, which, let’s face it, is something I wanted to enjoy before it was gone.

So, my husband and I decided to head off with his local family to pick pumpkins and apples. Here are a few kitty and landscape pictures from our adventure!

This one was actually a mistake. I was holding my phone with the face towards my hand and kept accidentally taking pictures. Amazingly enough, I like this one.
This one was on purpose.
The field by the apple orchard.

Pumpkins and mums at the orchard entrance.
The fence keeping us in.

Of course, there was some feline involvement, too.

We had to stop and give this sweet girl some love before heading out.
This troublemaker was at the apple farm. He loved “wrestling” with our hands. When my husband rescued him from falling off the low wall we were all on by catching him, he just lay back and cuddled up. Such a cute cat.

It felt good to get out and about with family. Plus, now I have some apples for apple crisp!

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